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Fury of the Exiles is currently not recruiting.
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Fury of the Exiles    
Before applying to Fury of the Exiles, I'd like to point out a few things.

1. Log out in your main spec and gear. Don't log out in PvP gear or your offspec. It wastes both our time and yours.

2. Depending on your application, gearing, etc, one of the class officers may post a reply to your application highlighting some concerns we have about your toon. If you can't make the effort to reply to our concerns, then we'll reject your application. Sorry.

3. If you are accepted into the guild, then please understand that you will be placed on TRIAL for a minimum of 2 weeks. During this time, you will be required to be present for EVERY raid of the trial period, so that we can give you a proper assessment.

Expect to be subbed out for the harder bosses in ICC. And don't expect to treat us as a Charity Organisation. As a trialist, our raiders' MS and OS will be given priority over you. If you pass the trial, then you will be given the same privileges as all raiders.

If you have a real emergency or some RL commitment that would cause you to be unavailable during the trial period, post on the forums. We will assess the situation accordingly.

If you're absent from any raids while on trial without a good reason, or qq about loot and getting subbed out, don't expect to pass the trial.

We expect all of you to be able to commit to the raid timing. If you can't, don't bother applying.

Do NOT lie about your experience in your application form. Believe me when I say that we have enough raiders from the top guilds in here to assess you.

IF you screw up our raid, you will be expected to be subbed out.

Ventrilo, Mic and Headphones is a MUST. You do not have time to type, heal, dps, at one time. If you are shy to talk on vent, don't join.

After being accepted into FoTE:

4. As a member of the guild, don't do anything that would harm the guild's reputation. If you do so, the officers will not hesitate to kick you.

5. We do have a set of rules and regulations to follow pertaining to Raids and Conduct. READ them. They are located in the forum.
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Other Guild News

Guild restructure

Zerolyon, Mar 22, 11 5:11 AM.
Zerothius is now the new Guildmaster for Fury of the Exiles.

Secondary appointments will be Allune and Evasix, both officers handling the guild matters in my absence.

Group 2 is now shifted to be the Core Raid Team of the guild.

Rankings in the guild have been adjusted and restructured.

Will the new amendments, I hope that we can continue to strive to clear the end game contents soon!
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Thaurissan (PvP)
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